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Lloyds Inspection Agency American Company is an US Government Licensed and Approved company Headquartered in United States of America.


LIA I LLOYDS AMERICA over 25 years in the oil rigs inspection field and is the longest established and most experienced inspection company Globally.

Rig Inspections will be conducted using the LIA I LLOYDS AMERICA acceptance guidelines  Inspection Audits  which includes testing of all equipment and systems to verify their condition and performance.

LIA Comprehensive Rig inspection and Audit services  :

  • Rig Acceptance & Conditional Survey
  • Rig inspection and assurance and handing over
  • Rig selection services & consultancy
  • New Installation & Commissioning Assurance & Audit service
  • Focused rig equipment inspections
  • Well control equipment inspections
  • API standard 53 compliance audits & gap analysis
  • Integrated control management system (ICMS) inspections and testing
  • Drilling rig equipment factory acceptance testing (FAT) witnessing


LIA I LLOYDS AMERICA utilize multi-disciplined inspection teams comprising:

  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Electro Technical Engineers
  • Marine Engineers
  • Subsea Engineers


Rig condition & acceptance surveys are defined as comprehensive assessments by way of a detailed evaluation of equipment and systems. LIA I LLOYDS AMERICA RIG inspection services will cover an in-depth survey of the state of maintenance of the rig. Condition survey performed by LIA I LLOYDS AMERICA meets with the client representative and the senior crew members to ensure an efficient plan is created to gain the most value from the time allotted to conduct the inspection.


With our drop tests & Inspection audits performed in site , LIA I LLOYDS AMERICA help our clients to increase overall awareness and understanding of preventive measures against dropped objects, from rig crew to top management. Our Inspection audit includes an evaluation to highlight any gaps from client requirements, contractor’s understanding, and application of their program for reducing the risks of dropped objects. All our inspections will be conducted from latter’s, walkways and platforms and no rope access will be used.


LIA I LLOYDS AMERICA with our inspection services provides their clients with a detailed review of the operability and overall condition of an extensive range of BOP and associated control systems ensuring they are maintained, inspected, certified and tested to the required level of protection throughout its operational life referencing all relevant national and international rules and regulations, codes of practice and current industry standards.


LIA I LLOYDS AMERICA comprehensive range of inspections for drilling rigs is focused on enhancing technical integrity for reliable operations, improving health and safety for crew, as well as achieving compliance with national and international regulations. Our rig inspection strategies are specifically designed for our partners in the offshore drilling industry. Some of our services include dimensional control, NDT inspections, visual inspections and function testing.


Ensuring safe jacking operations and safeguarding crew A jacking system is one of the most critical components of a jack-up, an offshore platform commonly used in the energy industry. A jack-up can be used in multiple ways, such as an exploratory oil and gas drilling platform, an offshore wind farm service platform for Installation, Operations & Maintenance (O&M) activities, and an accommodation platform for offshore personnel.


When electrical connections and components break down unexpectedly, the result may be unplanned downtime, costly repairs, and production loss. There’s also an increased risk of fire due to electrical short-circuits or cable burning. LIA I LLOYDS AMERICA perform routine inspection checks to ensure that the electrical distribution system is in proper working order .

NORTH AMERICA :  +1 ( 832 ) 955 5061
MIDDLE EAST : +965 – 6006 1947 +965 – 6992 4100
ASIA : +91 – 0484 4870880 +91 – 90 74 55 76 49

KUWAIT : +965- 6006 1947 +965-6992 4100
INDIA : +91-0484 4870880 +91-90 74 55 76 49
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