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HOTEL INDUSTRY Health and safety protocols are actionable steps hoteliers can use to protect staff and guests in the hotel. Health and safety protocols involve: Documenting hazards in the hotel environment. Communicating the potential hazards to all stakeholders. Implementing training procedures to mitigate the risks. Provide appropriate safety gear when needed such as glasses and gloves. Make sure staff is fully aware of potential burn hazards. Understand the use and potential hazards of all chemicals used in the operation. Look to replace standard highly toxic cleaning chemicals with effective low or non-toxic alternatives.

Fire safety checklist & Inspections : This allows Hotel Management to identify potential fire hazards, helping to avoid injuries or property loss.
LIAACO Inspections covers for your Hotel Management :
• Elevator & Escalators , Moving Walks
• Fire Alarm , Fire Pumps & Fire Hoses
• Lightening Protection Systems in Roof
• Electrical Control Panel Inspections & Electrical Systems / Wirings .
Preventative maintenance checklist: Ensures equipment is in good working condition and helps prevent unplanned downtime. Risk assessment checklist: Helps identify and control operational risks, prevent hazards and improve overall safety. Training of Employee checklist: This is used to evaluate and check off daily operational tasks. It includes opening and closing the hotel, team training, and more. Onboarding checklist: Helps organize and guide new starters through their first days and months. The checklist makes sure nothing gets missed. Safety Standards inspection checklist: Makes sure hotel operations are in line with safety standards, procedures are being followed correctly and the premises is safe.